Pakistan is in denial over spreading sectarian violence

the guardian

While banned political groups preach hatred towards religious minorities in Pakistan’s major cities, a conflict along sectarian lines is spreading across the country, even to areas not previously associated with violence. Having spent decades turning a blind eye to the calculated violence of groups with a clear agenda based on hatred and intolerance, Pakistan’s government appears helpless in the face of continuous attacks on Shia Muslims and other minorities.

Sectarian attacks are not new in Pakistan, but there has been an upsurge, especially in Balochistan since at least 2010, in the Khurram and Orakzai tribal agencies bordering Afghanistan, the port city of Karachi and across the Punjab. Now the frosty, picturesque mountain ranges of Gilgit-Baltistan, on the northern border with China, are seeing an increasingly violent sectarian conflict pitting Muslim Sunnis against Shias.

Pakistani protesters burn tyres in protest at the killing of shopkeeper Salman Ali in Quetta


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  1. Sadly the PPP has always stood for disunity division and hatred. It can do and undo anything for the sake of power, a Bhutto philosophy. It divided the country “here we, there you” said ZA Bhutto. He divided the nation and households in Pakistan by declaring Ahmadis non Muslims. Zia intensified this philosophy of hate and intolerance. These are damn corrupt practices which are on the helm of their affairs. Sectarian violence is state sponsored in collaboration with the main political parties including Mullahs and lawyers, that is why there is no rule of law and recourse to justice available to ordinary citizens in Pakistan. Unless Pakistanis return to the founder’s ideology none could be done.

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