Did Darwin Knock out Original Sin?

The answer is a definite ‘Yes’ and details follow!

Original Sin requires that Adam and Eve be the first human couple, so all humans can inherit Original Sin from them, for Jesus to redeem them by dying for them.  Unfortunately, these Pauline ideas of Original Sin and vicarious atonement are completely negated by the common lineage of all life forms on the planet earth and the fact that humans existed for thousands of years before Adam and Eve.  In other words many of us did not inherit our genes from Adam and Eve, who lived some 6000 years ago.  If I do not have any of their genes, may be Jesus did not die for me.  What about you?  Once we understand this issue, we realize that all this noise made by Christian apologists against Darwin and his theory in the last 150 years is precisely due to this reason and their desire to uphold the dogma of Christianity.  Take Original Sin out and theists will have no need to fight common lineage!

Additionally, the field of biology has struck a fatal blow to the concept of Trinity and other dogmas in Christianity on several counts.  Firstly, there is the fundamental principle in biology “Like begets like,” which clearly refutes the concept of sonship of God. In the Holy Quran it is expressed in the words, “How can Allah have a son when He has no consort?” (Al Quran 6:102) Man’s genetic code is made of 46 chromosomes and God is transcendent and beyond time, space and matter.

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