Manifestations of Divine Truth of Islam: Fulfillment of Prophecies of Promised Messiah: The Muslim Times

Vouchsafed to the Imam of this Age, the Promised Messiah and the Mahdi:

1898:  (A) My Lord had revealed to me and promised me that He will help me till my message reaches the Easts and Wests of the earth. The oceans of truth will be stirred till the people look with wonder on the bubbles riding upon its waves.
[Lujjatun-Nur, p. 67, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, p. 408]

(B) God has revealed to the Promised Messiah: [Urdu] I shall carry your message to the ends of the earth.

Editor al-Hakam reports that: I can see that means are becoming available for the fulfilment of this blessed revelation.

[al-Hakam, vol. 2, nos. 5–6, March 27 and April 2, 1897, p. 13 and al-Hakam, vol. 2, no. 24–25, August 20–27, 1897, p. 14]

Among many manifestations of this prophecy, by reading this, you have become a witness to the Truth brought by the Promised Messiah (May Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as servant of our Beloved Holy Prophet of Islam. You are reading Muslim Times, an internet blog paper, managed and edited by volunteers globally. At each hour of the day, around the globe, at given time, it is being read, edited, and commented upon by people who may or may not know about this Prophecy, but have been touched by its Truth. This effort is a part of the mission of Imam Mehdi, of the completion and perfection of spread of the message of Islam (Takmeel-e-Ishaat).

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  1. The coming of the Imam Mahdi is a turning point, a point prayers becomes prophecies, & prophecies finds fulfillments, Alhamdulillah (Ma-Sha’Allah)

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