Jakarta, activists and civil society in the streets against FPI Islamic radicals

Asia News:

by Mathias Hariyadi

After the “unprecedented” Dayak protest in Borneo, yesterday it was the turn of the capital. The event was endorsed by President Yudhoyono, calling on the police to ensure compliance with the law and protect the right to demonstrate peacefully. Indonesian activist: We want “a nation without violence.”

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Inspired by the “exceptional” and “unprecedented” protest launched by the Dayak tribes in Palangkaraya, Borneo, last weekend (see AsiaNews 14/02/2012 Borneo: “unprecedented” protest, Dayak stop Islamic radicals) many associations and groups defending human rights in Indonesia have found the strength and courage to rebel against Islamic extremists. Yesterday in Jakarta dozens of young people have organized a demonstration in front of the Hotel’s Rotunda, in the capital, demanding the government and institutional leaders from the country to ban the Islamic Defence Front (FPI) for the acts of violence and the bad reputation built over the years. The demonstrations showed the endorsement of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono: according to the spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha, the President stated that it was “all right, because we are committed to promoting peaceful protests, in compliance with the law.”

Analysts and print experts explain that the commitment of Yudhoyono’s words are an invitation to the police, called to protect protesters from being “sold” to the extremist group. At the same time the President will address the members of the FPI, making it clear that violence will not be tolerated. Indeed, in June 2008, dozens of activists were the subject of an assault by members and sympathizers of the Islamic Defence Front, as they demonstrated peacefully near the National Monument (Monas Tugu) to protect the rights of Ahmadis. Read more

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