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  1. With the world economy in the situation it is now – extremely vulnerable – this is really not the right time for such ‘adventures’, but then real ‘adventurers’ never really bothered whether they damaged the rest of the world, as long as they had their ‘fun’ and ‘benefits’…

  2. It’s always good to get things verified from a third party. It will be nice to have atleast an link in english news website or even chinese news website which was published somewhere. Youtube is full of content which are rich in exageration. It can be imagined that if actual leaders of any single country in the world tries collecting information from youtube, there will be many world wars. Chinese and Indians know very well how to protect their key interest which is “money”. Although it’s apparent that both the sides want these two countries to venture into their stupid child fights, but only time will tell if they join in or not. Anyways, just wanted to say that there are Ahmadies of Hui Chinese ancestry who are presently in middle-east. not sure if that country is Kuwait or Qatar. But i came to know that one gentlemen amongst them who lives there is fluent in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. If it can be possible at all to get them here, it will add to our strength. insha Allah

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