Editorial: An outrageous ban: Voices of Sanity from Pakistan

Source / Courtesy: The Express Tribune

Express Tribune: Things in our country are really moving from the absurd, to even more absurd. And most frightening of all is the hatred that flows with this madness. The latest example of this comes at the Lahore Bar Association (LBA) — where lawyers following a campaign led by the Khatme Nabuwat Lawyers Forum — have banned the sale of drinks manufactured by the Shehzan Company from canteens at all subordinate courts on the basis that it is an Ahmadi concern. This action takes discrimination against the Ahmadi community to new heights. We can only wonder if the instigators of this plot imagine that sipping the ‘offensive’ drink will in some way contaminate their minds, or alter beliefs. Everyone, after all, has the right to follow the religious philosophy they adhere to — and no drink can alter this. The real aim, of course, is to attempt to hurt the economic interests of the Ahmadis — who have through the decades been subjected to violence in all kinds of different forums, whether it is through physical acts such as murder or other means intended to prevent them from occupying a place as equal citizens in society. The Shezan Company has also been targeted before, during mob violence and through other such means.


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  1. It is a pity that those who should be in the vanguard of promoting religious freedom and tolerance would descend so low to ban the sale of a drink just because it is owned by an Ahmadi. Shame to the Lahore Bar Association. They are a disgrace to lawyers all over the world. I commend the Espress Tribune Editorial for coming out so strongly to condemn this outrageous and barbaric act of the so called Lahore Bar.

  2. Sad isn’t it, going after business owner who happens to be Ahmadi. I hope he has a chance to atleast fight back in court.

  3. Lawyers in Pakistan should be consequent and logical: If products of ‘non-Muslims’ should be banned let us ban all of them. No more laptops, no one to arrive by car, make sure that the paper you write on is not imported, make sure the pens you use are local products. No tea smuggled from India. Of course no mobile phones. Naturally no internet access (which, unfortunately means, that they cannot read this message). Ah well, they are a hopeless case anyway.

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