250m copies of Qur’an distributed


RIYADH: The King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Qur’an distributed more than 250 million copies of the Holy Qur’an, translations and other religious books until January this year since its establishment 27 years ago, according to its report issued Thursday.

King Fahd launched the Holy Qur’an printing complex with the aim of preserving, printing and distributing sacred texts to the Muslims all over the world in Madinah in February 1985.

The complex has an annual production capacity of more than 10 million copies.

Its publications include complete mushafs (books which contain the text of the Holy Qur’an), parts of the holy text, audio recordings, translations and books on the Sunnah and biography of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

The report said the complex distributed 224,630 copies and translations of the Holy Qur’an in 21 languages during the Hijri month of Safar (Dec.26, 2011 to Jan.23, 2012), the Saudi Press Agency reported.

“The complex distributed 174,224 copies of the full text of Holy Qur’an and 9,760 copies of parts of the text, 2,570 copies of audio recordings of recitations, 30,960 translations in other languages and 7,116 copies of the various religious books over the first two months of the new Hijri year,” the statement said.

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King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur'an, Madinah

15 replies

  1. Dear The President of Quran Distribution Organization.


    We are writing to you this letter and we hope you are in good condition of health. And we wish to request the above subjects in our Good Allah Almighty’s name to assist the ibn Khaldoun Islamic studies Foundation with the following :
    1 Transilated Quran To English.
    2 The Holy Quran only Arabic language
    3 .Tafseerul Quran Alkareem. total all : 5000 copies.
    we wish our above subjects will be granted in ALLAH’S name.
    hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

    .Your brother in Islam.
    Isshak Abass, president of Ibn Khaldoun Islamic Studies Foundation.
    P.O. Box 279
    Legon-Accra- Ghana.
    West Africa.


    Dear The President of Quran Distribution Organization.

    I too want to input my efforts in this so iam writing this letter to you.
    I need 100 copies of Quran and i want to distribute in India (Hyderabad) its a Arabic school.

    So, Can you please let me know how much it cost with shipment ASAP.
    On My Email ozeeoze@gmail.com.

    Ali Mohammed

  3. Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Dear President,
    Please send me 100 copies as I need to distribute in my country India in Orissa state where lots of students are taking quran lesson in madrasas. Its a humble request to be kind enough to send these free copies to help these poor pupils to understand islam and deen.


  4. dear brother in islam

    our hospital library has 150 staffs both male and females. it is running for five years and our maslis library needs some holy quaran arabic and english languages .
    could you send hundred copies of holy quaran in english and arabic to develop our staffs umma knowledge , may allah bless you

    my address


    CONTACT EMAIL jinnahuma@yahoo.com

  5. Dear The President of Quran Distribution Organization.


    We are writing to you this letter and we hope you are in good condition of health. We wish to request the above subjects in our Allah (s.w.t) name to assist My Hereafter Project with the following :
    1. The Holy Quran only Arabic language. We need about 1000 plus copies for distribution to less deprived communities.
    2 .Tafseerul Quran Alkareem.
    We wish our above requests will be granted in ALLAH’S name.
    Hope to hear from you sooner.
    Thank you.

  6. Assalam-o-Alaikum, May Allah SWT bless all of you with greater reward. Aameen.

    We are street preacher here in Canada and by the permission of Allah SWT we are able to send a copy of Qur’aan to over 300 houses in a month. Alhamd – o – Lillah, we’re doing this job since 2 years.

    One brother from KSA used to send us Qur’aan but I don’t know hey doesn’t response back our message. There must be some genuine reasons.

    We are running short of Qur’aan here for Da’wah. We need your help to send us only 10,000 copies of Qur’aan in a year. We need small, pocket size of Qur’aan. The one that we distribute right now is Sahih Internation Qur’aan.

    Please reply me back and let us know if you could help. We cannot pay for it but for sure you will get great reward. In last 3 months, we have 3 Shahadah, Alhamd-o-Lillah.

    Waiting for your response.


    Mohammed Irshad.

  7. we need about 400 copies of the noble Quran in our school.. if it is posibble sent it through
    T.I.Ahmadiyya Senior High School

  8. asalaam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
    am abdul majid from arua uganda can you people help us with atleast 500 translated Quran’s for our association called muslim union of students of arua that we can distribute to muslim students

  9. My name is Abdul razak sulemana from Ghana and I need English and Arabic Quran to read read and to strengthen my soul everyday , I am Muslim but I don’t have Quran so please can you send me through my address ABDUL RAZAK SULEMANA. Cement d’elafrique gh(cimaf) tema free zone ,greater Accra Ghana west +233(0)550723830/+233(0)268445438

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