Qadian – Childrens inspired to live a life of virtue


Minaratul Masih and Masjid Aqsa

Minaratul Masih and Masjid Aqsa

Source: Jagran

Qadian, Gurdaspur

Jalsa Siratul Nabi(s.a.s.) was organised by the local anjuman ahmadiyya and chaired by Maulana Hakim Mohammad Deen sahab, present sadr anjuman ahmadiyya.

Maulana Syed Mubashir Ahmed emphasised that obedience to Muhammad(s.a.s.) can make us achieve love of Allah. And that it was indeed obedience to Muhammad(s.a.s.) which bestowed the status of Masih Maud to Mirza Ghulam Ahmed(a.s.).

Maulana Safir Ahmed expressed that mother is the central point of upbringing for children. He further stated that Prophet Muhammad(s.a.s.) admonished believers to choose pious women as wife, which will result in pious offspring. In the same light, founder of the Ahmadiyya muslim community Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed(a.s.) admonished his dear ones to educate their childrens about good conduct, virtue and to serve humanity in a selfless manner by sacrificing their resources.

Maulana Ahmed Khadim expressed that, in order to ensure piousness amongst children, you should too live a pious life and make prayers for your children.

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