Israel’s Peres sends message of peace to Iranians


JERUSALEM — President Shimon Peres sent a message of peace to Iranians from the podium of Israel’s parliament on Wednesday, saying there was no need for the two peoples to be foes.

“We were not born enemies and there is no need for us to live as enemies,” Peres said in a speech marking the 63rd anniversary of the Knesset’s founding.

“Do not allow the flags of hostility to cast a dark shadow on your historic heritage,” he said. “Your people are a sensitive people who aspire for friendship and peace, and not for conflict and wars.”

In a televised address on Friday, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described Israel as “a cancerous tumour that must be cut out, and God willing it will be.”

“From now on we will support any group that will fight the Zionist regime,” said the all-powerful Iranian leader.

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2 replies

  1. May I suggest for Mr. Peres to be taken serious he should add:

    “And, as a gesture of good-will, we are destroying under international supervision all our stock piles of nuclear weapons. Therefore, dear Iranians, you do not need any either. Let us cooperate as equal friends for eternal peace.”

    I am confident that after that the Iranians will reciprocate…

  2. RA Tschannen, please make sure Mr Peres send copies of his speech to US President,PMs of UK & France & German Chancellor.

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