India reports first cases of ‘total drug-resistant tuberculosis’

Source: The Telegraph

 India reports first cases of 'total drug-resistant tuberculosis'

India has reported its first cases of “total drug-resistant tuberculosis,” a long-feared and virtually untreatable form the killer lung disease.

Since 2003, highly resistant cases have been documented in Italy and Iran, mostly limited to impoverished areas and it has not spread widely.

The airborne disease is mainly transmitted through close personal contact and is not nearly as contagious as the flu.

The Indian hospital that saw the initial cases tested a dozen medicines and none of them worked, a pretty comprehensive assessment. A TB expert at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said they do appear to be totally resistant to available drugs.

Ordinary TB is easily cured by taking antibiotics for six to nine months. However, if that treatment is interrupted or the dose is cut down, the stubborn bacteria battle back and mutate into a tougher strain that can no longer be killed by standard drugs. The disease becomes harder and more expensive to treat.


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  1. There are many Ahmadies who live in India. Not all, but many of them are poor. I have seen one of them dying out of TB because he didn’t recieve proper medical care. Probably he died an Indian? And he deserved death because he was an Indian.

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