Day: January 8, 2012

Foreign aid money feeds fat profits for corporations

Group of corporations awarded $1.81bn in contracts “As the money goes up, the scrutiny should go up” Rudd pledged record sums trying to tackle poverty AUSTRALIA’S booming foreign-aid program is delivering handsome profits to a group of seven corporations that has scored a staggering $1.81 billion in taxpayer-funded contracts. But […]

Pakistan wants halt to Arab ‘wahabi colonialism’

Source / Courtesy: Times of India CHANDIGARH: A section of Pakistanis have raised their voice against Arab colonialism (imposing Wahhabi Islam over Sufi Islam) amidst attacks on Sufi shrines in Pakistan. “Saudi Arabia which is undemocratic, is exporting Wahhabi Islam to Pakistan where Sufis have been traditionally popular,” Sayeeda Diep […]

Should Europe fear Islamic extremists?

Euro News: With EYP – the European Youth Parliament Masha from France: I’d like to know if Muslim extremism is a real issue in Europe. Michaël Privot, Director of the European Network Against Racism, responds: Reports from Europol on terrorism threats since 2006 show that, out of roughly 2,150 attacks […]