India – Martial arts school for Muslim women

Hijabi Wushu

Muslim schoolgirls from St. Maaz high school practice Chinese wushu martial arts inside the school compound in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad July 8, 2008. Girls from ages 10 to 16 participate in weekly sessions during school term. Hyderabad is the capital of Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. South Indian Muslims commonly engage in learning the various martial arts.

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  1. I srongly commend you all for an excellent practice,plaese keep it on may Allah The most high bless and guide you more.One of my main concern and important task as a challenge is to encourage muslim women to learn martial art for:Health,self control,respect and self defence.As I open this page today containing the picture of those sisters of ours I was highly impress and happy.I am a 1st Dan ITF Tae Kwon do and yellow class in Wushu(Taijiquan,Tantui lower leg).Thanks

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