Day: January 9, 2012

My Time With Stephen Hawking

Source / Courtesy: Globe and Mail I recently gave Stephen Hawking a boomerang. It was an odd gift to give the world’s most famous scientist, but Stephen immediately understood its significance. When I gave it to him, he flashed me the same wise, slightly mischievous grin that I had sought […]

Half Muslim, half…?

Daily Times; Yasser Latif Hamdani Eating pork in Pakistan is not a criminal offence. Yet hardly anyone consumes swine flesh in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the use of alcohol by Muslims in Pakistan is a criminal offence and yet alcohol is freely available and its use is widespread in Pakistan. Contrary to […]

Why Islamism Is Winning

Source / Courtesy: NY Times By JOHN M. OWEN IV EGYPT’S final round of parliamentary elections won’t end until next week, but the outcome is becoming clear. The Muslim Brotherhood will most likely win half the lower house of Parliament, and more extreme Islamists will occupy a quarter. Secular parties […]

A Burglar in the House

As Nasrudin and his wife lay in bed one night, the latter woke Nasrudin up and, full of distress, said, “Nasrudin-I hear a burglar in our house! Go get him!“ Nasrudin calmly replied to her, “I think we’d be better of just letting him do what he wants. After all, […]