A Burglar in the House

As Nasrudin and his wife lay in bed one night, the latter woke Nasrudin up and, full of distress, said, “Nasrudin-I hear a burglar in our house! Go get him!“

Nasrudin calmly replied to her, “I think we’d be better of just letting him do what he wants. After all, we don’t have anything good for him to steal; and if we’re lucky, he might leave something for us.”

“Don’t be absurd, replied his wife, “That won’t happen.”

“Well then,” said Nasrudin, “perhaps he’ll find something good to steal, and then I can steal it from him.”

Note by the editor: I must admit that I reacted similarly once we had a burglar in the house. My wife pushed me in the bed and said: “Do you hear? There is someone in the house!” I replied: “Yes, I heard, I am just waiting for him to go before I go and check”… Does that make me a ‘son of Mulla Nasruddin I wonder?

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