Day: January 29, 2012

The French Are About To Become More German

French President Nicolas Sarkozy faces an uphill battle in his re-election fight this Spring. We discussed some of the long odds against him here. So to jumpstart his re-election, Sarkozy has announced brand new economic reforms that are sure to be controversial. From The Telegraph: Under new “competitiveness accords”, employers will now be able […]

Greece should give up budget control: Germany and regulation will occupy center stage in the presidential contest.        One debate, for example, will focus on whether tax cuts for the wealthiest families should expire as scheduled at year-end — an issue that could gain traction now that Mitt Romney, the possible Republican nominee, has disclosed that he […]

Sarkozy to announce new economic reforms

France: 24 REUTERS – French President Nicolas Sarkozy is set to reveal a swathe of new economic reforms on Sunday to create more jobs, improve business competitiveness and convince voters he is the right leader to revive France’s sputtering economy. Three months before presidential elections in which Sarkozy has yet to […]

The politics of living under terrorism

Courtesy: Express Tribune: Khalid Ahmed: Fear guides Pakistan. And this fear emanates from the absence of law and order. In other words, terrorism. Law and order can fluctuate in most Third World states and still not render them dysfunctional. When we say law and order in Pakistan, we mean terrorism coming […]