Day: January 22, 2012

Historic walled city under threat

LAHORE: The medieval walled city of Lahore is under threat from a construction ‘free-for-all’ ruining centuries of heritage, as an ambitious Pakistani restoration project to protect it stalls. Rapid and illegal growth is crowding out the “old city” —the section of the eastern hub fortified by a wall during the […]

Here’s How Google Search Is Destroying Our Memory

“We are becoming symbiotic with our computer tools, growing into interconnected systems that remember less by knowing information than by knowing where the information can be found.” This sentence comes from the findings of a new study conducted by psychology professors at Columbia University, the University Of Wisconsin-Madison, and Harvard University. Read more:

Dutch press review Wednesday 18 January 2012

  Christian Democrats are worried that ‘compassion’ sounds like an anti-government slogan, Trouw reports. The coalition partners are heading for a showdown with Geert Wilders over cutbacks. Health insurance companies have been paying for therapy to ‘cure’ gays. School grades are falling as pushy parents insist their kids should study […]

Pakistan: Hydra unity

Courtesy Daily Dawn:  ……….This actually shouldn’t come as a surprise in a country where the state has for long been active in defining what or who a ‘Muslim’ is, and that too in a society brimming with various sects and sub-sects. This has left the sects judging one another, sometimes […]

The Real Threat in the Middle East

Islamic political parties don’t endanger democracy. Powerful leaders do by Fareed Zakaria As 2011 was coming to a close, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a remarkable speech to his parliament. Assessing the Arab Spring barely a year after it had begun, Netanyahu announced triumphantly that it had failed, that […]