Day: January 16, 2012

Learning to Be Lean

As one of the many outgrowths of the sweeping federal health care law, health insurers and employers must now pay the cost of screening children for obesity and providing them with appropriate counseling. With about one in three children in the United States obese or overweight, according to government statistics, […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Why You Should Get More Sleep

Getting up early is a common trait among CEOs, but don’t get carried away. Not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain, cancer and other adverse consequences described in the following infographic (via Barry Ritholtz). And 93% of people don’t get enough sleep. Although the infographic is effectively an ad for […]

Muslims Join Christians in Church Service

As a deliberate step to rebuild confidence and heal the festering relationship between adherents of the two major religions in the country following attacks by Boko Haram on places of worship, Muslims in Kano Sunday visited churches and worshipped with Christians to foster religious tolerance. Leader of the Muslims, who […]

समाज में सद्भावना का अलख जगाएँ इतिहासकार

In the present context differences emerging out of class barriers is hampering the development of the country. In order to sort out the differences and unpleasantness, historians should shoulder their responsibilities and should work for promoting unity and harmony in the society. Professor (Dr.) G. S. L. Devra, Former Vice-Chancellor […]