Ahmadiyah in Yogyakarta Under Surveillance by MUI Branch

Mainstream Islamic leaders in Yogyakarta are claiming the right to oversee the activities of Ahmadiyah groups after local adherents of the sect were threatened by an angry mob on Friday.

“We will continue to supervise all activities of GAI [Indonesian Ahmadiyah Movement] and Jamaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia,” the head of the Yogyakarta branch of the Council of Ulema (MUI), Thoha Abdurahman, said on Sunday.

On Friday, hundreds of people calling themselves Front Umat Islam made an angry visit to interrupt an Ahmadiyah religious study session held at the Piri vocational high school in Yogyakarta.

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  1. Three has been disparity in MUI’s actions and words in the past.
    MUI is a government funded organization and is required to create harmony between government policies and religious groups. Even though all religious groups were supposed to be its members, Jamaat Ahmadiyyah Indonesia was not accepted as its member.

    It had specified roles to strengthen religion in the way the Pancasila describes to ensure national resilience and participation of the Ulama in national development along with maintenance of harmony between different religions in Indonesia. So far it has failed to maintain its neutrality and positive role in any of these spheres.

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