On Munich Railway Station” What a novel idea by Jamaat Germany to spread the teachings of real Islam!

Source: Hafiz Fareed Ahmad Khalid, National Seretary Tabligh AMJ-Germany.

By Zubair Khan

Under the extremely dynamic leadership of its very energetic/agile Amir ( National Head) Mr Abdullah Uwe Hans Peter Wagishauser, AMJ Germany is quite famous for innovative and novel ideas to present the teachings of real Islam. Since many years one can see new and admireable ideas adopted by National Department of preaching thus attracting attention of each segment of German society. Effective use of new methods and techinques of Islamic preaching in fact each year is playing pivotal role in arousing the interest for Islam in German nation. Down from street peddlers utpo top notches of national parliament, all praise the noble deeds of AMJ Germany. In an article, about the role of various Muslim Groups in spreading the message of Islam in Europe, Dr Konrad of European Tishner University Krakow Poland, while commenting on AMJ Germany, expressed his extreme astonishment that how just 30-40 thousands can introduce almost a revoloutionary Islamic thinking in the country of 87 millions. He was full of praise of exhibitons, door to door leaflet distributions, information stalls, seminars, inter relegious dialogues and many other activities which AMJ Germany performs continuously. He could not believe that this tiny community has maximum number of proper mosques in Germany as compared to other Muslim communites with population between 4 to 5 millions.

“What a wonderful message of Islam” “Never heard and seen such type of activity before” If this is Islam then it is extremely attractive and acceptable” The way Ahmadiyya presents teachigns of Islam is marvelous”. These were just few comments which were utterred by thousands of Germans who happend to get the message of real Islam on Munich main railway station through a novel idea of preaching adopted by Hafiz Fareed Khalid, national incharge of preaching activity for AMJ-Germany. Through standing/rolling play cards and neonsign postings, short sentences quoting teachings of real Islam like, “no compulsion in religous belief”, “woman enjoys equal rights in Islam”, “Islam means peace”, “Islam teaches utmost loyalty and faithfulness with the country in which a Muslim resides”. “Bringing up daughter in befitting manner can ensure you paradise in next life” “Islam has restored the respect and dignity of woman”were displayed at the main railway station of Munich. Muncih is currently the most beautiful, historical, neat and clean capital city of Bayern province of Germany. The Idea to choos the railway station was the presence of thousnads of people while many of them spending times waiting for the trains.

Along with play cards and neonsigns, information stall containing all relevent material was also installed. Those interested were also handed over booklets and pamphlets. Round the clock, Imam Rashid, Mr Mannan Haq and few others manned the stall and replied many questions and queries raised by passersby. To attreact the media press conference was also organised which was well attended. In addition to news papers, Munich TV specially recorded the whol activity with full coverage and broadcasted it during the prime time. For more details link of video containing Munich TV Report is given at the end.

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  1. It is really motivating to see such devoted persons engaged in the spread of message of real islam. Keep it up AMJ Germany.

  2. Congratulations to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany for these excellent efforts. The Video shows in more detail the extent of the activities (and also the links to the other videos is very useful!).

    We pray that Allah will open more hearts for the peaceful religion of Islam!

  3. Congratulations to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community International- Germany. I would like to place a few lines for your kind consideration.

    The Messenger of Islam!
    Guides mankind to live and let live with love. Love of God is a key with which mankind can get peace of mind and get red of physical & spiritual stress. Love of a God, Messnger, Imam Mehdi and Messiah, mother, Father, brother, sister, wife, husband, child, coworker and neighbor provide you peace. Islam teaces us love. Lovely God loves mankind. This is why in our age, God Almighty has given authority to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the Imam Meddi & Messiah to teach mankind how to live and let live with Love in this short time world life. Now Mirza Masroor Ahmad the Caliph vth is deliviring messages of lovely God to mankind. Love for all hatred for none is a good motto to follow. May Almighty Allah bless mankind His love and paradise. Amen

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