Mother Mary wants all Christians to be Muslims!


Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

There is a chapter named after Mother Mary in the Holy Quran and its number is 19.  Strangely enough the alleged ‘mother of god,’ does not have any book in her name among the 27 in the New Testament, while 13-14 letters or books are attributed to St. Paul!

The  Quran gives a very honored status to Mother Mary.  Not only one of the chapters of the Quran is named after her, but, she is mentioned as a prime role model for all Muslims, both men and women. (66:12-13)

However, at the same time, through beautiful logic and reasoning, Allah uses her person to invite the Christians to the pure Monotheism of Islam.  One of the simple arguments mentioned in Sura Anaam in the Quran is that Allah cannot have a literal son, as He does not have a spouse. (6:102)

Yet another difficulty created by the person of Mother Mary for the Christian dogma is that if every human is condemned by Original Sin and Jesus is not, what about his mother, Mary? It was easy to promote any irrationality before the enlightenment, but it is no longer possible to deny the laws of inheritance after the scientific revolution.  Bishop John Shelby Spong has evolved into an atheistic Christian, for a lack of a better term, he explains this issue beautifully:

The doctrine of the immaculate conception, for example, was declared to be undoubted truth in 1854 by Pope Pius IX. It was not, however, an infallible teaching so much as it was a political necessity. One needs to understand that this dogma, proclaiming that Mary was born without the stain of original sin, was created by the church only after scientists had discovered that women produce egg cells, which when fertilized form fifty percent of the genetic code of every person who has ever been born. This meant that women could no longer be viewed as unimportant passive re­ceptacles of a life that the male actually produced. Women now had to be seen as co-creators of life. The problem with that was that since the Catholic Church believed that all people passed on Adam’s original sin, then Mary, as the daughter of Adam, would have corrupted Jesus. To provide her with an immaculate and sinless conception took care of that. Theology always adjusts to reality. Unchanging or infallible it is not.

Problems created by the Christian dogma are endless, only if Christians will fully wake up and examine their dogma and faith on rational grounds.  Dr. Khaula Rehman has examined many additional issues created by the Christian dogma in the person of Mother Mary, in an article, Maria: Pope Benedict XVI on the Mother of God, first published in December, 2010 Alislam-eGazette and Google-knol.  In short, if you are a Christian, Mother Mary wants you to be a Muslim!


John Shelby Spong.  Eternal Life: A New Vision, Beyond Religion, Beyond Theism, Beyond Heaven and Hell.  HarperOne, 2009.  Page: 86.


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  1. Zia, I suggest you read the book, The sword of the Prophet. Your koran was taken from the bible re-written by this mad man and to get his way, he always invoked Allah, how convenient.
    Problems with Islamic lies are pathetic. You worship more of the man than of god. Jesus came to save us from sin, which you dont recognize, its either right or wrong.
    Allah is not a god at all but comes from the root word Bel which was your ancient sun god.
    Jesus teaches us forgiveness, you teach hate, murder and or mutilation.
    Jesus, since yall consider him a prophet, makes Mohammad look like a school kid. Jesus healed while mohammad killed, jesus raised the dead while mohammad made dead those that went against him. …
    Wish you well in jesus name, i pray for you.

  2. Mian Nous! the language you have used is not the tone of Jesus. He was polite lovely and peaceful. Qoran says Mary was innocent and pious. Do you disagree? Qoran asks Muslim women to follow her example, is it an education of hate? We the Muslims love Jesus and his mother Marry while you hate Mohammad peace be upon him. Mohammad(pbuh)taught us to respect Bible, Jesus and Marry. Who taught you to hate the prophet prophesied by Jesus himself?
    Of course, mother Mary suggests you to embrace the peace given in the name of “Islam”. Don’t be enraged please, stop please! and pray from your God. Your humble supplications will definitely show you the light. Whatever Mohammad(pbuh) did, he did to protect love, peace and truth. Zia has extended you an excellent invitation in the name of the most innocent, please don’t reject so easily. Pray from the God: all knowing, the God you trust.

  3. The Christian Commenter here seems to be preaching hate in the name of forgiveness. I have deleted his last paragraph as his obsession with the person of Jesus of Nazareth, may peace be on him, and his inability to genuinely see the Holy Prophet Muhammad positively, knew no bounds.

    Here is one response to his baseless allegation that the Holy Quran is plagiarized from the Bible:

    As regards knowing the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, let me provide two links for starters:

  4. A compliment in disguise!
    The above comment by MiaNous should be taken as a compliment in disguise for the effectiveness of this post about Mother Mary.

    The point being that he or she did not address the issue at hand and just lashed out against the Holy Prophet Muhammad and Islam. This is the standard strategy of the Christian apologists, if they cannot answer, they obfuscate or muddle the issue and go on offensive.

  5. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community launches a new state of the art website, to engage Christian, agnostic and atheist readers.

    Especially check out the Homepage and page about ‘Revelation,’ which is important as the secular world is in denial of it altogether.

    Find the link in the Muslim Times or try:

    Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

  6. I will say this to this misguided individual in every statue I see of mother mary peace be upon her she looks and is dressed like a muslim woman and if muhammad (saw) copied from the bible as you say god forbid ,then surely he would’ve used his name and his mothers instead of mary and jesus(as)to make a name for himself. obviously this individual has never studied his or her christian bloody history or the bloody stories in the bible not to mention the disgusting perverted stories about god’s holy prophets including jesus and mary(as) and Muhammad(saw)came to defend and purify their holy names as well as show and teach love and mercy to all mankind and not just to the chosen few and wasn’t jesus (as) praying and begging Allah for help in your bible while in the garden and on the cross?please read both bible and quraan and compare which speaks truth and which contradicts it

  7. I fully agree with you Leila, all Mianous is doing is returning love with hate , how sad!! Mother Mary always looks like a pious muslim woman, of course she believed in One and Only God and we love her and her son!

  8. Hi Mr.MiaNous
    Thanks for your comments and to join here you are most welcome to express your own ideas, sorry to say which I found your ignorance about religion and spirituality.
    Not only Jesus Prophet of God but in fact all the prophets came to remove the sins of people and to purify them and to guide them in the ways of God in other words to awake dead people towards true God, some prophets came for their nations, tribes some appeared only for some ares, and each prophet’s mission was the same that to bring all the human being toward One God. I also found you only hate towards Mohammad pbuh which is incorrect if Jesus teaches you to forgive where is your fogginess disappeared, In reality Mohammad pbuh is a last prophet and for whole world his teachings are universal he who completed all the previous teachings and gave us religion Islam the religion of Abraham Moses, Jacob Josef and Jesus. The religion which is favorite to Allah. Jesus raised the dead means those people who were drowned in their sins and bad deeds, Jesus brought them to the right path and they become alive in their spirit and soul. Mohammad pbuh was the greatest prophet of all times he never taught to fight and kill. Quran says if you kill some one that means you killed all the humanity. What a great education.There is no god but God, Muhammad pbuh is His messenger.

  9. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    Welcome Mia Nous in this forum. We ought to have forbearance for your blasphemy offensive tone, so you should have.
    Jesus your son of god or even your god is a dead god, he died for your sins once, he lost his credibility as he could die again and surely he is dead and buried in Kashmir City Sirinaggar sub-city KhanYar India, search on “Jesus in India BBC documentary” Government of India Documentary on the same subject and “shroud of Turin”
    Jesus your god will not save you as on the one hand he is a dead god, on the other, he can not save himself from the hands of Jews who abased him, spit on his face ridiculed him nailed his hands and feet and dragged him on to the cross and as per your belief killed him on the cross, like the death of dog a culprit’s death an accursed death, Can he save you? What a frail god.
    Allah is a universal one God, you may call Him with any good name, He is the only one God who never ever tasted death the only trust worthy God, trusted by Jesus peace be upon him, and trusted by all prophets like Moses David Solomon Isac Jacob Abraham Noah and Adam.
    For opening your eyes further I propose for you the book, “Christianity: a journey from facts to fiction by (Late) Mirza Tahir Ahmad available on in library secction. I hope you will not discontinue this discussion. May the Living God show you the right path, the path He is pleased with. Aameen
    Zarif Ahmad

  10. Zarif you have no idea of the christian faith if you really think that god can be killed on a cross. God can’t be killed and there was no need for him to escape or kill all the people who persecuted Jesus. …

  11. Only part of Peter’s comment was approved as the rest was an anti-Islam broken record. The part approved shows how frequently Christian apologists can be guilty of what we generally criticize politicians of, namely flip flop!

    Did Jesus, who was perfect man and fully divine, according to Christianity, die on the cross or not? Please a simple yes or no.

    • Jesus died on the cross, but at this moment he was no longer God … My Muslim brothers/sisters: Let’s just agree to disagree on this. Let’s face it: We will never understand how Jesus mutates from God to Man and God again. What does the Quran say? (slightly adjusted): “For Peter his religion and for us ours”. For those who find it more logical that Jesus mutated from God to Man and back to God again: Let them belief that. For those who think that it is more logical that Jesus was born a man, grown up to be a Prphet, and died a man and is now in Paradise let them join us in the religion of Islam.

    • In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
      A person sitting in a glass palace should not through stones towards others, do you know the Biblical prophets and kings David and Solomon had how many wives? in hundreds right? The father of Prophet Abraham has at least 3 wives prophet Jacob has at least two wives right or wrong? King David as per Mathew in 14th Generation was great great father to Jesus Right or wrong? then what is the objection on the Holy Prophet Mohammad pbuh having more wives? As per age at the time of marriage of Hadhrat Aeisha is concerned it was not 9, more than that a subject of moot. The thing of importance is that Holy Prophet Mohammad pbuh has been mentioned in prophecy in the Bible times and again, so much so in Deuteronomy 18:18 God said, “I my self will take his or her account…” So do not toss stone towards him Its a great sin in the sight of God.
      Zarif Ahmad

  12. Truth as I believe is that Jesus, a noble prophet of God Almighty, was sent to the lost sheep of Israel, 12 tribes. Two of those tribes living in Palestine rejected his message and tried to murder him but God saved him. He left in search of 10 tribes living in Kashmir and Afganistan and they accepted his message of love and peace. Jesus died a natural death and is burried in Kashmir under Indian Control. His mother, Hazrat Mary, joined him later and died a natural death, as all humans do, and is burried in Murree, now part of Pakistan. It is still impossible to communicate with some humans, Christians or Muslims, and when they revert to abuse then it is better to depart saying “peace”!

  13. I am very much disturbed by the language of very first post. It should be edited.
    I would like to tell this man, MiaNous that Quran was not rewritten by the Prophet of Islam it was all the cream of previous Divine books that was re-revealed in its absolute version by Allah our Lord in form of Quran. Why because people of his kind previously changed the very word of God.
    moreover we the Muslims even in return would not utter a word of disgrace to the Prophet Jesus whom they hold revered, because the holiest of Prophet, the Prophet of Islam Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him never told us to do so.
    He instead urged us not to disgrace any nations elderly, leader or a respected figure. Even their false gods.
    I would advice him to show the manners that Jesus Peace be upon him,taught them.

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