Pakistan’s conference on Interfaith Harmony invites world leaders

Dr. Paul Bhatti advisor to prime minister of Pakistan on national harmony said Ministry said World leaders belonging to different religion have been invited on International Interfaith Harmony conference planned for February this year regarding promotion of interfaith harmony and interfaith relationships at national and international levels to deal with the challenges in current scenario.

Ministry of National Harmony was formed with the prime focus on interfaith dialogue to address the issues like discrimination in the name of religion, poverty, illiteracy, education, health and empowerment of minorities. The ministry celebrated major Hindu festival of Deewali, and Christmas in befitting manner by decorating the religious places of the minorities, providing them protection and announcing incentives for them. He said Shahbaz Bhatti Memorial Trust has been established to impart education and empower the marginalized communities of minorities. “The new ministry is mainly dealing with the establishment of committees on national harmony at local level with proper registration for making a record of issues faced by minorities and seeking their solutions,” he said.

Talking about steps taken by the government for the minorities in Pakistan he said four seats have been reserved for minorities in Senate, five percent quota fixed in government jobs, declaration of August 11 as national minority’s day and approval of optional holiday for Christmas are the major achievements besides resolving many other pending issues. He said his ministry is committed to socio-economic uplift of minorities by imparting them education and promoting interfaith harmony.

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  1. This is all rubbish and artificial activity to show off. Governor Taseer’s killer, Murderer Qadri is a hero-like and Minister Shahbaz Bhatti’s killers are free. Very derogatory behavior with the minorities shows us how racially and religiously discriminatory. If they call Ahmadis, a minority, then give them a complete freedom to live like other Pakistanis.They Pray the same as other muslims do, they believe the same God and His Prophet Muhammad.
    Harmony will be vividly seen, when they erase the lagisative about asault and killing for the name of religion.

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