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  1. Mr Zia Shah is right. No one knows his intentions. With what motive he is obsrving the relgious rituals only he knows or Allah knows. So how to say making mockery or prayers?

  2. He can park his taxi near a public park or building or even a shopping mall.Find a suitable corner & pray. His intent is not questioned but his discretion(farasut) is.

  3. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) had said that the whole earth has been made a mosque for the Muslims. This saying only means that the Muslims are not required to go to a mosque to make Prayers. However, one has to certainly understand this saying with wisdom. I don’t see any reason why the man could not make his Prayer inside the taxicab while sitting. There is no need for his Prayers to become a public show.

  4. I totally agree what Anwer has written above that his intention is not questioned but he should have done it in an appropriate place and way, in a dignified and honorable way. Kalim.

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