Communalism: How Indian Muslims Can Combat It

Phobia means fear, the fear of the other. Any phobia has a psychological basis, which is a combination of historical memories, blended with myths and legends, complicated by social separateness, generated by the consciousness of economic and political rivalry, not to speak of persistent religious hostility and indifference. In the context of India synonymous for “Islamophobia” will be communal-ism, as it seeks to polarize religious communities by use of misinformation, hate speech and propaganda.

History cannot be written. But the Muslims whether they are in a majority or a minority must accept that there is no right of conquest, no right of invasion, no right of terrorization or separatism or secessionism, the vices of which they are accused at every turn. The world is changing and the pace of change is very fast. The cultural and even physical demarcation between peoples and states are getting dissolved in what is considered to be the climate of the age, Democracy and Secularism.

Communal Harmony

Muslim minorities have every right to maintain their religious identity. But they have to be loyal to the state they live in, join the national mainstream and participate in national causes and movements. They cannot make themselves invisible or keep a low profile for fear that they lose their sense of identity. At the same time, they have to refrain from exhibition of orthodoxy or expression of fanaticism which provides the majority an excuse.

First step in solving an analytical problem is recognizing that you have a problem. 

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Every problem has a solution. Human efforts combined with prayer, dialogue, fulfilling purpose of existence by serving poor and needy and patience can serve as solution for strengthening mutual trust and harmony in society. Greater co-operation amongst muslims and people of other faith, idelogies who believe in equality and secularism needs to be strengthened. Process of social cohesion when statred from multiple fronts simultaneously will bear fruits of mutual respect, love, generosity and prosperity.

Its incumbent and responsibility of every muslim who aspires to live up to the standards of morality laid in Islam that he/she must pray for security and tranquility of his/her country. Prophet Abraham(peace be upon him) prayed for the city of Mecca

“My Lord, make this a town of peace”(Chapter 2, verse 127. Also in Chapter 14, verse 36)

Allah does listen to prayers, as he promises for Mecca to be a city of peace and security in Chapter 95, verse4, Also in Chapter 25, verse 58.

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  1. The paragraph, starting with “Muslim minorities” & ending with “majority an excuse”, should be written in gold. It applies to all Muslims living in non-muslim countries. Great job Mr. Haque.

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