The gift …

Nasrudin was on his way to the palace carrying a sack of potatoes.

As he crossed a village on the way A local man asked him, “Where are you going?”

“I’m taking this gift of potatoes to the new ruler,” Nasrudin replied.

“What?” the man said. “That’s not a suitable gift for a ruler. You should give him something better, like strawberries.”

So Nasrudin went home to get strawberries, and took them to the palace instead.

The ruler, however, was used to receiving much nicer gifts, and ordered his men to throw the strawberries at Nasrudin as punishment for giving such a meager gift.

As the strawberries hit him, Nasrudin began shouting, “Praise be to God!“

Hearing Nasrudin make such a comment so out of its ordinary context, the ruler ordered his men to stop, and curiously asked, “We’re hitting you with the gifts you brought, and now you’re praising God? Explain your behavior, Mulla.”

Nasrudin replied, “I’m thanking God that I didn’t bring you potatoes.”

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