Texas doctors to operate on girl burned in U.S. drone strike

(CNN) — She has eyelashes but no eyebrows. She has all her fingers but is missing four nails. Her skin is so taut now that she can no longer frown.

But she can still smile.

Her face tells a story of suffering. Her name, Shakira, tells a story of a new journey.

Shakira means thankful.

Last week, 4-year-old Shakira arrived in the United States for what her caretaker, Hashmat Effendi, hopes will be the start of the rest of her life.

Shakira, believed burned in a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan, will undergo reconstructive surgery in January.

She will never look fully normal, but Effendi hopes the surgery will make it easier for Shakira to grow older. And help others see what Effendi has seen all along: an effervescent bundle of love.

In 2009, Effendi was on a medical mission with Texas-based House of Charity in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. The region’s natural beauty was once compared to Switzerland’s, but by then it was a Taliban-infested area rife with violence.

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  1. A mother’s mind is strange. I have seen it in Iraq. One of our staff’s son was going with the grand mother in a taxi. They met a US military patrol. The US military were always scared when anyone came too close. In the city’s traffic it was not always easy to keep a distance. Anyway on a ‘fly-over’ the military convoy pushed the taxi over the edge. The mother-in-law was dead, the son had a head injury (brain damage). The mother run from one hospital to the other. After 6 hours she managed to get the son admitted in a US military hospital. Later on the military took him to the US for treatment. He was better in the end, but not totally recovered. And: the mother was so grateful that the American military treated her son! (and did not waste thoughts of ‘well, the same military caused the injuries in the first place). Sad but true.

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