Saudi Beauty Contest !!! (the next Miss Universe???)


JEDDAH: The Umm Riqaiba ***** Beauty Contest will be held on Saturday with animals from the Kingdom and other GCC countries participating. The winning camels will receive huge cash prizes.

Umm Riqaiba is an area in the northern part of the Kingdom. The pageant started for the first time about 11 years ago and has become an annual event ever since. The pageantry has been named the “King Abdul Aziz Contest for Beautiful Camels.”

Chairman of the Organizing Committee Adel Al-Nafie, who is the PR for Prince Mishaal, chairman of the Al-Baya (allegiance) Authority, said registration for the contest started on Nov. 26 and will end on Wednesday.

He told the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the judging panel would start its work on Saturday to choose the most beautiful camel. Many Saudi tribes were keen to participate in the event, which is also an occasion for other cultural activities including poetry.

Al-Nafie asked all those wishing to participate to register before the closing date.

Note by the editor: Sorry in deceiving you on the first page. Even Associate Editors need to have some fun some times.

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  1. I am very happy to see that my post has hit the ‘popular posts for today’ and hope it will hit the ‘popular posts for the month’. My apologies therefore for ‘cheating’ on the headline and misleading all those who expected other photos!

  2. You are right. I also clikced to see some Saudi Beauti and landed up in camels. Some times fun is ok but not all the times. By the way what all will be seen in the camels to declare the most beautiful and who will be the judges?

  3. I am sure there will be expert judges. Just look at the beautiful long neck! (not to speak of the lips…) but then I am not a camel expert myself…, therefore I am not sure what they will judge.

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