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  1. Christianity: Should it evolve into Islam?

    Majority of the Christians do believe in God, but will not attend Church. Perhaps, they need a better understanding of God! First, let me quote from the original article:

    The survey of 1,004 Germans showed that 46 percent wanted to attend a church service, but 53 percent did not.

    The poll, conduced between December 7 and 8, showed that 63 percent of Germans surveyed believe in God. The largest number of believers, with 74 percent, came from supporters of Germany’s conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Christian Social Union (CSU) parties.

    I invite them to a collection of articles about Christianity or go to our Christianity page under Law and Religion. Here I quote from one of our collections:

    Every Christian and Muslim, who is knowledgeable about commentary or exegesis of the scriptures, knows that verses cannot be interpreted in isolation and are understood in the context of their neighboring verses and ultimately in the context of the whole of the scripture. This poses a very special problem for the Bible, if all of it is not literal or even inspired word of God then how can you interpret some genuine verses in light of forgeries and hotch-potch out there? Does the presence of forgeries in the Bible make the whole field of exegesis hocus-pocus? How can you understand word of God in light of fiction and make belief without making the whole affair a joke?


  2. 63% of Germans believe in God. mmmm. This percentage continues to drop.

    We have to take note that if we want to bring Islam to Germany among 37% of the population we need to ‘re-establish’ the existance of God.

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