Look to the West for knowledge

Source: NewStraitsTimes

Islamic nations should go all out to create conditions that foster academic pursuit in science and technology

There was a time when budding Western scholars travelled long distances to the then epicentre of science and technology — the Islamic world that spanned from southern Spain to China, from the 7th to the 17th century — to seek and learn new knowledge from the masters of that 1,000-year era.But that was long ago. The countries that constitute the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation  (OIC) today  lag behind in the scientific world. As innovators, none of them can be considered in the league of developed nations, despite the financial wealth many of them have acquired.

Part of the problem is a lack of mastery of modern knowledge, in particular science and technology.

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  1. Prof. Abdus Salam is mentioned in the article.

    The Muslims excelled in science in the past is well known. I feel that the reasons why they lost their advantage still needs to be explained better. In order to re-gain what we lost it is important to understand why we lost it.

    Who can shed light on that aspect?

  2. The Rise and Fall of Sciences in the Muslim Society

    It should make an interesting book. The reasons of fall have to be multifactorial, as we need several ingredients for sciences to flourish.

    Here, I link a book review, which highlights a few aspects:


    Another way to tackle this issue is to consider, how Muslims can be at the forefront of sciences in the Western world, at least, if we cannot create science and technology in the so called Muslim Countries.
    Thirdly, as India develops in science and technology, during this century, how can Muslims get a due share of the pie, by focusing on logical and rational rather than myopic ideas of Mullahs.
    Fourthly, how could Muslims be mass migrating to China to participate in the developments there? These are all areas to be pursued!

    I guess, the Muslims should take some leafs from the books of Jewish diaspora over the centuries, as we prepare to build a New Jerusalem in some desert, like Rabwah was built in a desert area of Pakistan!

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