No religious motive in Liege rampage: Was the killer a Muslim?

RT: ……”Well, we don’t know, but it would appear that it was an individual incident. Earlier reports that there were three or four gunmen involved have since been discredited and it equally appears that he wasn’t targeting anybody in particular… so in a sense it’s not a replica of what happened in Norway.”

Ford was also quick to counter any allegations that Amrani’s attack was religiously motivated.
“Earlier reaction in many senses seems to be rather racist. He was not being identified as a Belgium when he was a Belgian citizen. Because of his Moroccan origins, people are talking about killing the Muslims; it’s all the fault of the Muslims, and the new socialist government that’s been in office now for nearly a week is being blamed for being soft on immigrants and not reacting hard enough.”

It was also reported that a rightwing extremist had gone on a shooting spree in Florence, Italy, killing two African traders and wounding three others before taking his own life. While Ford recognizes that these tragic events in Europe are a cause for concern, he argues that the European Union has done a much better job of curbing such violent crimes than the United States.

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  1. Well, he seems to have had a Muslim name/background. However, a drug dealer can hardly be called a Muslim. When choosing that ‘profession’ he has distanced himself from any kind of religion a long time ago.

  2. To All Muslim and non Muslim brothers and sisters,
    Just to know:
    The Holy Muslim Messenger Mohammad(sa)
    have infromed mankind that a muslim is one who dont give torture to anyone by His Hand and tongue. Moreover The Holy Messenger Mohammad(sa) guides mankind to stop & help by watching and catching and punishing crimanal persons either muslims or non muslims men and women involving in Un-Islamic criminal activities such as backbiting, fornicating, terrorising, killing of innocent senior and junior students or citizens, destroying pulic properties. suesiding, kidnapping, taking drugs, making children orphans, making women widows.
    Recommend and Request:
    Follow the motto of Ahmadiyya Muslim Communty “Love for All hatered for none”.

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