Death Toll Rises After Grenade and Gun Attack in Belgium

Soaurce: NYTimes:

LIÈGE, Belgium — Belgian police said on Wednesday that they had discovered a woman’s body at a storage facility used by the man who lobbed hand grenades and fired indiscriminately into crowds on Tuesday near a Christmas market, killing four people, wounding more than 100 and creating panic before killing himself.


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  1. Quoting from BBC:

    Amrani had been asked to attend a police station on Tuesday for an interview in connection with charges against him.

    Instead, he took an assault rifle, revolver and hand grenades into the busy town centre square, close to the courthouse.

    At about midday, he threw three grenades at people waiting for buses then opened fire, sending hundreds of people fleeing in panic.

    I began to run to get away – for a few seconds I didn’t understand, couldn’t believe, what was happening”

    Nicolas Gilenne Journalist

    “He wanted to hurt as many people as possible,” journalist Nicolas Gilenne told AFP. “I heard four explosions and shots during about 10 seconds.”

    A 15-year-old boy died instantly, while the other victims died later in hospital.

    One official told AFP that a Christmas market was meant to be taking place in the square that day but the opening had been postponed because of bad weather.

    “Otherwise many more would have died,” said the official.

    Ms Reynders said Amrani had committed suicide at the scene by shooting himself in the head.

    Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, who has only been in office since last week, said there were “no words to describe this tragedy”.

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