Libya’s new battle is getting young people into jobs

By Katy Watson Business Reporter, BBC News, Tripoli

Abdel Aziz is 23 and gave up studying to fight but is still on the streets to protect Tripoli

It is a sunny winter afternoon in downtown Tripoli. Martyrs’ Square – known as Green Square under Gaddafi rule – is bustling again.

Libyans are returning to their daily lives after a brutal year of fighting and watching over them is twenty-three-year old Abdul Aziz Masood.

Sat in the driver’s seat of his battered pick-up truck, he’s armed with a 20-year-old sniper rifle.

Life for Abdul Aziz has changed dramatically. This time last year he was a student. But now he’s taken on a new job – he says he needs to protect Libya until stability returns. read more



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  1. Well, this is the problem all over the world, and, yes, especially also the Arab world. I just visited some Dental Faculties of 2 Universities in Jordan. Annually some 300 students graduate, of which about half are Jordanians. Small Jordan cannot possibly absorb 150 new dentists every year. The same will be in all other faculties…

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