Global Earthquake Trends 1900 –2010: Signs, that Promised Messiah has Come

The Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (1835-1908), peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, having received repeated revelations from God, warned humanity to return to Him in earnest. If humanity did not follow his advise, He said, great signs of destruction will appear as divine manifestation. Among these signs is the growing frequency of severe earthquakes, that have stretched the limits of humanitarian Agencies including the United Nations. Below is evidence of a historical trend since he made his prophecy and claim in 1889.

Silent and unexpected,without warning,they smite with irresistible force. All that dwells upon the surface is subject to the invisible fury of the earthquake. Shacks and mansions,buildings,bridges,and roadways;their permanence rendered illusory. Yet for all its titanic power,the earthquake,unlike other natural forces,does not kill man directly. It exerts itself on the very things that sustain our civilization,causing what normally provides shelter to cave in and crush us.

But in some ways earthquakes are similar to other natural disasters. Like pestilence,its force is unseen and usually takes us by surprise. Like a great flood,it can level villages or cities. And similar to some other natural disasters,there seems to be a rising trend in the number of people killed in recent times. As the bar graph below indicates,there is a clear rise in the number of people killed by earthquakes in the last few decades.

The question is why? What is causing this increase? Is it due to stronger earthquakes? Poor building practices? These are not just academic questions. They’re on a lot of peoples’minds nowadays. Subsequent posts on this subject will show that many different theories abound,running the gamut from the religious to the scientific:from the end-of-the world crowd to those who tie earthquakes to global warming.

See the full database on the link below

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