You do not have the right to remain silent: Speak before its too late!!

Source / Courtesy: DAWN


As many as 12,580 people were killed across Pakistan in 2010, there were 581 kidnappings for ransom and 16,977 cases of abductions across the country. Faith based violence claimed the lives of 99 Ahmadis, while 64 people were charged with blasphemy. Violence against various Muslim sects claimed the lives of 418 people and injured 963. 1,159 people were killed in 67 suicide attacks and US drones strikes were responsible for 957 extra-legal killings. 2,903 women were raped and 791 women were killed in the name of honour.

Yet these are just mere stats that will unfortunately reappear scribbled in human rights reports, the numbers will undoubtedly increase but there’s little hope that this would dampen the state’s apathy.

These stats should be a source of embarrassment for the nation, the extra-judicial killings, illegal detentions, faith based violence, rape, torture – the list is all too familiar and endless. Yet every step taken by any institution of the state has been thwarted by another, delayed, obstructed or lapsed due to lack of governance and political will.

But are we willing to speak out?

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