Israelis to debate ban on Muslim call to prayer

The issue is headed to the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, this Sunday.

Anastassia Michaeli, a member of the Knesset, will put forward a bill proposing a ban on mosques using loudspeakers to announce the call to prayer.

By Paul Goldman, NBC News producer

TEL AVIV – The Israeli towns of Rosh HaAyin, which is mainly Jewish, and its neighbor, Kfar Kassem, a mostly Muslim town, enjoyed a peaceful relationship – until now.

The Israelis have had enough of their neighbors’ call to prayer.

They claim that the traditional call to prayer, which occurs five times a day, is a nuisance and disturbs their daily life. The 4:50 a.m. call is considered especially annoying.

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6 replies

  1. This is another controversial bill to be discussed by the Knesset over the last one year. Stirring up something that’s been tolerated for decades is nothing but inflammatory.

    What about those living close to churches. Won’t they react to stop church bells on Sundays? What about people living along the train tracks? Will they ask for banning the trains? What about so much noise pollution in the streets which is being compounded day by day?

    Israel is unique home to major religions of this world and as such need to establish an exemplary tolerance for rest of the world rather than setting up inflammatory traditions.

  2. In fact in Switzerland some of the new ‘ex-Christians’, now Atheists or Agnostics or just Seculars, have launched a court case against the Church demanding an end to the ringing of Church bells. (case/decision pending).

  3. Well said brother Rafiq, you are right.

    In my opinion, Golden rule is golden, “One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.” I would certainly not like being woken up from good sleep by ringing of Church bells.

    However, in exchange for Fajr call to prayer, they could win some other reasonable concession, from Israel Government, perhaps some human or religious right that has been denied to them, so far. May be a National Holiday for Eid, as they are a large minority in the population?

  4. The case will be decided in favor of Muslims,if not, the court will ultimately do the right decision. Israel has religious freedom & justice, unlike most Muslim countries.

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