Muslims, Hindus, and Jews: Setting Ron Paul Straight

By Brad Fregger

The question: Is Ron Paul ignorant about history or just ignoring the lessons of history because they don’t fit with his core belief system? It appears that his strong belief in individual freedom shapes his agenda to the point that he believes that countries, too, should be free to go about their business without the influence of others and, therefore, that the U.S. should stay out of all foreign ventures unless a foreign power makes a direct threat to the security of the United States.

For example, this is an abridged excerpt of a conversation that Ron Paul had with Bill O’Reilly,

I see the Iranians as acting logically and defensively. … It is our policy of preemptive, deliberate invasions of foreign countries and occupying these countries that has jeopardized our safety … If you keep living in this dreamland that they attack us because we are free and prosperous, believe me we’re never going to [correct] our foreign policy. … we need to defend this country and defend our national security and our national security interests are not served by the policies we are following in the Middle East.

They are probably not attacking us because we are “free and prosperous.” However, they probably are attacking us because we have not embraced Islam and sharia law. Read more

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