United Russia wins parliamentary elections

Pravda Ru. o5.12.2011.

Russia’s Central Election Commission has processed

92 percent of votes as of Monday morning,

Dec. 5. United Russia, the ruling party, has gained 49.67 percent of votes, Nikolai Konkin, the secretary of the commission said.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation gained 19.13%, Just Russia – 13.18%. The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia – 11.66%.

United Russia is the leader in all entities of the Russian Federation. In Chuvashia Republic, for example, the ruling party gained 43.73%.

In Kabardino-Balkaria, the party gained over 80% of votes.

Details:  http://english.pravda.ru/news/russia/politics/05-12-2011/119833-united_russia-0/








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  1. Westren media has shown the result as a failure for Putin. He still has a support of more than fifty per cent of voters. which is a very big support. None of the rest could gain more than 20%. In future he should pay attention to organise his party in spite of holding administrative offices. It will be a greater success if he can provide true successors to his party.

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