Future of Miss Switzerland contest in doubt

The future of the Miss Switzerland contest is under threat following low viewer ratings for the televised beauty pageant on Saturday.

Just 25.7 per cent of Swiss television viewers tuned in to watch Alina Buchschacher win the Miss Switzerland crown on Saturday night, a ten per cent drop compared with 2010 figures.

The low ratings continue a downward trend for the contest in recent years, which was still winning 40 per cent of viewers in its time-slot three years ago.

Saturday’s show was also beset with costume hitches and technical problems, with incorrect names of candidates being flashed on screens for election by viewers.

Pageant organisers said the heads of Switzerland’s French, German and Italian-language public television broadcasters would meet to discuss the future of the show.

In May, public television station SF ended its affiliation with the Mr Switzerland contest in the wake of poor ratings. The contest has since signed a three-year contract with private television channel 3+.

swissinfo.ch and agencies

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  1. Comments by readers of Swissinfo:

    Sylvia Monk, United Kingdom, 26.09.2011

    It’s about time such a distasteful anachronism in which women are paraded as if in some sort of cattle show came to an end.
    Benson, Switzerland, 26.09.2011

    A quiz contest that would make candidates study hard with a possibility to win free education to any level, guaranteed employment cash and a car would be of greater significance to the country. I’m tired of this vanity show called beauty contest.


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