Jordan: Stop the rumour mill


Despite His Majesty King Abdullah’s repeated assurances that the so-called Jordanian option is nonsensical and devoid of basis, there are some still determined to cling to this imaginary threat and exploit it to sow distrust and undermine the course of the Kingdom.

There are still some who use this threat as a rallying point in pro-reform demonstrations that continue to take place in several parts of the country in a manner that might undermine national unity, warning that Jordan is being offered as the alternative homeland for the Palestinians.

Questioning the assurances of the King on this issue is totally wrong and untenable. Jordanians of all walks of life, and irrespective of their origin, are united in defending the identity and independence of their country. They are not to be swayed by the insinuations some misguided circles spread to compromise the stability and well-being of the citizens.

Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine. That was emphatically declared by the King, repeatedly. How much clearer can a statement be?

If anyone entertains different thoughts, he/she is both wide of the mark and belongs to a minority that should not preoccupy the nation, particularly at this point in time when there are more important issues to tackle.

Protesters are ill-advised to base their anger or frustrations on ill-founded rumours. What they should concentrate on are real problems that affect the security, stability and progress of the country.

Attempting to outguess the Monarch on this issue is not only wrong and presumptuous, it also has the potential to harm and give currency to a phenomenon that aims to destroy the country from within.

The Palestinians are determined to create their own state, west of River Jordan; the Kingdom promised support for this endeavour. And that’s where things stand at.

There is no alternative to establishing an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem as its capital.

False rumours that can frustrate this process need to end immediately.

Those persisting in spreading unlike tales may have to be held accountable for jeopardising national unity.


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