Enduring freedom forever

Source. Asiatimes on Line

The West in vain tries to find
a form of agony worthy of its past
E M Cioran

Enduring Freedom is how the United States government defined its official, military response to 9/11. It should have been Operation Infinite Justice; but then some apparatchik found out that also happened to be a definition of God. Ten years after 9/11, facts on the ground spell out a world shocked and awed to endure war rather than justice, while freedom, shrinking by the minute, is just another word for everything left to lose.

Osama bin Laden used to define 9/11 as Yaum Niu York (“the day of New York”). Little did the now decomposed corpse at the bottom of the Arabian Sea know he would unleash an early 21st century conformed as a wasteland littered with militarized newspeak [1].

Ground Zero spawned the George Bush-designated global war on terror (GWOT), a nonsensical war against a tactic. A more realistic Pentagon called it The Long War. United States national security morphed into Homeland Security. The threatened hyperpower rushed to manufacture a fearful civil liberty shredder, the Patriot Act, approved by Bush on October 2001, and enshrined as permanent in March 2006.


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  1. 9/11 is approaching and what a true analysis it is. Crux of the article stated in last sentences which read, “So what rough beast, its hour come out at last, will be slouching towards … Kabul? Baghdad? Tripoli? Riyadh? … to be born? There’s no endgame in sight; that’s the real meaning of Mission Accomplished. Ten years after 9/11, the road to war is a mission that goes on forever”

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