Announcing the video page of the Muslim Times!

We are thankful to Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful, for giving us another wonderful feature for the Muslim Times. We now have a video page:

You can also go to it from the ‘Video’ tab next to the ‘Home’ tab from our Homepage.

So, we now have our own YouTube. The Muslim YouTube! This will get busy and well populated in coming weeks to months, but, check out what it already has:

We today also have the privilege of featuring a very recent BBC Documentary: The Life of Muhammad.  It is a high definition three hour documentary.  We are also featuring another movie about the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him.  At any given time we feature 5 different documentaries or clips and can show case four others more prominently.  Eventually, the Muslim YouTube should house thousands of useful clips organized in different categories.  Without further ado, I invite you to click on the links provided.

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  1. Wonderful addition for guidance and suggestion to think about the new facts which are unfolding day by day, adding up to the arguments of Mesiah-a-Maud (as).

  2. Thank you so much Muhammad Sharif Khan Sahib for your kind words. Reminds me of a Hadith, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: ‘A believer is a mirror for his fellow believer!’

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