Day: August 24, 2011

Good governance critical in Afghanistan

Source / Credit: Gulf News As the US begins a security transition in Afghanistan, it has focused the vast majority of its strategy, efforts and resources on building Afghan security forces and weakening insurgents through military pressure. Yet the broader Afghan state is in crisis. Afghans we met with during […]

George W Obama?

Source: asiatimes on line. A close look at Barack Obama’s advisers – the saved and the sacked – shows just how the president has created an airless world of conventional comforters around him and so doomed his presidency to repeating that of his predecessor, George W Bush. It’s an atmosphere […]

Sell Big or Die Fast

Seven weeks after it was put on sale, Hewlett-Packard killed its TouchPad tablet, the company’s competitor to Apple’s iPad. Last year, Microsoft pulled the plug on its Kin mobile phonesonly 48 days after they went on sale. In recent years, technology companies have been cutting their losses with increasing speed. […]

How Israel clebrates Ramadan

For Israel’s Muslims, Ramadan a time to celebrate Islam in the Jewish state Last week, Muslim and Jewish soldiers gathered after a day’s training to eat a communal iftar, the traditional break-the-fast meal eaten after sunset during the month-long observance of the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.   “Ramadan isn’t just […]

Indonesia Hails Downfall of Qaddafi Regime

As rebels on Tuesday fought battles around Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi’s headquarters in Tripoli, the Indonesian government said the fall of the regime would mark the end of an era of state violence against civilians in the north African nation. Hailing the choice made by the people of Libya, Foreign […]