Nice weather brings more life to Ramadan atmosphere in Amman

By Muath Freij, JORDAN TIMES

Customers enjoy a Ramadan night and traditional oud music at Jafra Café downtown Amman this week (Photo by Muath Freij)

AMMAN – Amman is a city that never sleeps in Ramadan as the capital’s residents, who do not go to bed before early hours of the morning, have many options for leisure.

The cool weather at night, according to fasters, has encouraged Ammanites to spend their nights out either at favourite cafés with friends and relatives or at shopping centres.

Alaa Hindi usually spends very little time at home as he is out with friends most of the night.

“Every night, I call my friends and go to a café in downtown Amman to smoke argileh and play cards,” he told The Jordan Times, adding that he, like many Jordanians, finds the night after iftar as relatively short.

The majority of people have abandoned TV shows preferring to accompany friends and family members to places where Ramadan sweets and drinks are served, a trend which has encouraged more outlets to stay open all night.

“Working days are short and stressful, so I need to go and have fun with friends,” Mustafa Harbawi, a private sector employee, said. read more

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