Day: August 5, 2011

Flowing water may exist on Mars

Source: Physicsworld Liquid water might exist on Mars today, according to a group of scientists in the US. Images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) reveal that dark, narrow, finger-like structures follow slopes in certain regions of the southern hemisphere of the planet during its summer months. The researchers believe […]

Once Upon a Time in the West

source. spiegel international Hate has become a part of the everyday culture of American politics. This week, the United States nearly allowed itself to succumb to economic disaster. Increasingly, the divided country has more in common with a failed state than a democracy. In the face of America’s apparent political […]

Germany Offers Alarming Statistics on Children

source/credit: Spiegel International A child in a Hamburg residential complex: A new report has found that parents in 7 percent of German households can’t afford to finance hobbies for their children. Despite substantial subsidies aimed at increasing the birthrate, the number of children in Germany continues to shrink. A new report by the […]

A madman in a new century “Once you decide to strike, it is better to kill too many than not enough…” — Anders Behring Breivik. Hate is like a heat-seeking missile acquiring a target. Once the target is identified, hatred finds meaningful expression that effectively decouples conscience from action. We need to begin to reduce […]

Fasting a commonality among religions

Source: The Times of Malta: By Laiq Ahmed Atif: From Archives: When we study the history of religions we find plenty of commonalities among different religions of the world. One commonality is fasting for the sake of the Almighty God, the Creator and Lord of the entire universe. Remembrance of […]

The pursuit of profits and morality?

Courtesy / Source: The Express Tribune By  Dr Asad Zaman Throughout history, men have been honoured for wisdom, courage, honesty, generosity and nobility, but not for mere possession of money. Early in the 20th century, some sought to construct a brave new world by reversing these traditional values. One group argued that […]

America’s fiscal isolationism

Source/Credit: The Malta Independent 05 August, 2011:  Consider “the long war,” a bold concept embraced a few years ago to describe the continuing struggle against terrorism, the grudging progress that could realistically be achieved, and the enormous financial burden that it would impose for years to come. It was also […]