A madman in a new century


“Once you decide to strike, it is better to kill too many than not enough…” — Anders Behring Breivik.

Hate is like a heat-seeking missile acquiring a target. Once the target is identified, hatred finds meaningful expression that effectively decouples conscience from action. We need to begin to reduce the lexicon of adjectives used with men like Anders Breivik. The bitter fruit of his actions is a death toll of 76. But the root of his actions is hate. It is an emotion that can be controlled for the short-term but evolves into a predatory beast if it is nurtured unconditionally.

Mr Breivik’s maddening downward mental spiral chose Muslims as the object of his hatred. He then added a twist of lime to his intoxicating drink. Killing fellow citizens in Norway became the outlet for his twisted emotion. His digital footprint did not catch the eye of an analyst. A profile was not constructed. He was free to enter the labyrinth of his mind to create a death trap.

Hate always seeks warm flesh. If an individual blows up a statue in a square or sets a forest aflame, he cannot relive the final twitch of agony of his victims.


Categories: Crime

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