Month: July 2011

Evolution of Human Generosity

Source: Science Daily Imagine you’re dining at a restaurant in a city you’re visiting for the first — and, most likely the last — time. Chances are slim to none that you’ll ever see your server again, so if you wanted to shave a few dollars off your tab by […]

Israel and USA are killing Iranian Scientists

Pravda. Russia. Western and Israeli media were quick to announce that the 35-year-old Iranian Dariush Rezai killed on July 23 in Tehran was a prominent nuclear physicist who played an important role in the development of Iran’s nuclear program. Iranian authorities have confirmed the fact of murder. However, according to […]

Does USA Seek World War III?

Pravda. Russia. These are gruesome days: the Single Bullet Doctrinerules. The world is truly adrift and on the brink of a global “something”. Everyone can feel it here in the USA. The US system of government is often described as a layer cake: federal on top, state in the middle, […]

Editorial: Should we fear the far right?

Source/Credit: The Times of Malta / Sunday 31 July 2011 Since that fateful day in September 2001, the definition of the word ‘terrorism’ has been somewhat revised by the popular press to refer almost exclusively to Islamic fundamentalism. Western governments’ intelligence work, and the media spotlight, has focused almost exclusively on […]

Ramadan begins Monday

By Mohammad Ghazal, The Jordan Times. AMMAN – The holy month of Ramadan begins Monday in Jordan, Chief Islamic Justice Ahmad Hilayel announced Saturday. “Monday will be the first day of the holy month of Ramadan,” Hilayel said yesterday at a routine ceremony held by the Ministry of Awqaf and […]