Islamic groups demand Indonesia’s Ahmadiyah group be outlawed

JAKARTA (BNO NEWS) — Hundreds of conservative Muslims on Saturday rallied in the Indonesian capital to demand the government outlaw an Islamic sect, the Jakarta Globe reported.

Members of Indonesia's Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) rally on the streets in Jakarta demanding the government to disband Ahmadiyah sect.

Almost 1,500 protesters wearing white robes gathered in Jakarta to urge the banning of the minority Ahmadiyah group. According to reports, some protesters held placards reading “Disband Ahmadiyah or Revolution.”

The protests came after a court on Thursday sentenced 12 men accused of killing three members of the group to less than six months in jail. Some of the defendants were released because they had already served their sentences in detention, which began in February.

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  1. Such opposition serves as fertilizers to the blosom of Ahmaiyyat. It looks as some thing big is in pipe line for Indonesia. Let us pray and wait.

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