Day: August 25, 2011

Name your price

Daily Times It is really unfortunate what oil can make our world leaders do. The Middle East is the largest supplier of oil to the world and, when a country has to choose between oil and what is right, sadly, oil is always triumphant Some weeks back, I learned from […]

British men may have a hunter-gatherer past

New study contradicts previous research that they came from farmer lineage British men may trace their lineage back to hunter-gatherers, not farmers as had previously been suspected. A new genetic lineage study finds that, contrary to previous research, British men do not descend from immigrant farmers who migrated west from […]

Botox to Treat Bladder Control Loss

Source and Courtesy: Business & Health — Health Guide for the Modern Lifestyle. U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Allergan’s Botox injection for treating patients who have bladder control problems arising from spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis (MS). Patients with such neurological problems can now avail of the popular […]

Dr Abdus Salam vs Dr A Q Khan‏

Dr Abdus Salam vs Dr A Q Khan‏ Source / Courtesy: Daily Times By Munir Khan Parallel lives — I Whilst Salam himself rejoiced in his Muslim roots, he faced one major difficulty: a section of Islamist opinion regarded him as a heretic because he belonged to the heterodox Ahmedi sect within Islam […]

King renews support for Christians in Mideast

AMMAN (JT) – His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday underlined Jordan’s commitment to protecting the Christian presence in the Palestinian territories and the Middle East in general. During a meeting with heads of Orthodox churches in the Middle East, King Abdullah said the Kingdom is considered a “distinguished” model for […]