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It is really unfortunate what oil can make our world leaders do. The Middle East is the largest supplier of oil to the world and, when a country has to choose between oil and what is right, sadly, oil is always triumphant

Some weeks back, I learned from a history teacher of mine that the Syrian government had requested the Pakistani government to intervene and help the royal family if a revolt broke out in Saudi Arabia. I, being a staunch supporter of the revolutions occurring in the Middle East, spoke out against this and hoped that our government would never do such a thing but my teacher thought that our government would, not just because Saudi Arabia is considered a sacred country by the masses in Pakistan but mostly because of the oil; Saudi Arabia has repeatedly provided Pakistan with low-priced and at times free oil. Now this got me thinking: is oil our price? Is oil what it takes for us to relinquish our ideals and our principles?
It has been said that every man has his price — is oil ours?
In recent history, the necessity for oil has compelled man to commit numerous wrongdoings. In World War Two, the attack on Pearl Harbour by Japan was prompted by the oil embargo that had been imposed by the US. The oil embargo would have ruined Japan and thus, Japan attacked. Oil has been used as a weapon in both Arab-Israeli wars. Other than that, countries, at multiple times, have turned a blind eye to the crimes of others just because of oil. No country has yet pointed out the oppression that women face in the Middle East or the barbaric sentences that are carried out, especially in Saudi Arabia, while the same faults have somewhat been pointed out in Iran.

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