Day: August 2, 2011

Ramadan in Israel

By JPOST EDITORIAL It is important that Israeli leaders and society see Ramadan as a way to engage with the Muslim community. ……..Israel contains many experts on Islam and Islamic studies. The National Library at the Hebrew University’s Givat Ram Campus considers Islam one of its core areas and maintains […]

Israeli museum showing Muslim-world artists

Associated Press – JERUSALEM (AP) — A museum on the road separating Jewish west Jerusalem from the Arab neighborhoods in the city’s east is attracting a daring group of artists from Middle Eastern nations that shun contact with Israel, trying to erode political barriers through art. It’s been a years-long […]

Nobel chairman warns Europe’s leaders over ‘inflaming far-right sentiment’

Source: The Observer Europe’s leaders, including David Cameron, have been warned to adopt a more “cautious” approach when discussing multiculturalism. The Norwegian chairman of the Nobel peace prize committee has told them they risk inflaming far-right and anti-Muslim sentiment. Thorbjørn Jagland, a former prime minister of his country, said leaders such […]