Most Muslim Americans See No Justification for Violence

ABU DHABI — Muslim Americans are the staunchest opponents of military attacks on civilians, compared with members of other major religious groups Gallup has studied in the United States. Seventy-eight percent of Muslim Americans say military attacks on civilians are never justified.

These findings are among the many featured in a new report released Tuesday by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center, Muslim Americans: Faith, Freedom, and the Future, based on Gallup surveys conducted throughout 2010. Building on Gallup’s early 2009 report on America’s Muslim community, Muslim Americans: A National Portrait, this analysis tracks changes since 2008, delves into current social and political research topics, and provides a series of data-driven policy recommendations.

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  1. Now we have numbers to prove that Muslims are the most peaceful people since they follow Islam which literally means “peace.” It is only the western media that depicts Islam as a violent religion. The media outlets amplifies the action of some so called Muslims who are driven by their political agenda and have nothing to do with Islam!

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